Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random thoughts

Having project like any other poly. Do not have much holiday either.
Kinda reject for choosing some member in group but well, what is done is done. I cant really do much either.

Have so much to say but too lazy to type out.
Much to surprise i doesnt want to complain anymore, for now i guess.

Still wondering why we a

Re in this world though, maybe i will never understand why too.

Shall continue working hard to live in this world. Maybe will learn to judge less, but still, i think it is quite impossible.

Will try not to give attitude either but still i wont go mercy on people who i dun like.

That all for my random thoughts.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally feel much comfortable, as i have finally let out all my anger. Feel much better and more relaxing. Really feeling appreciated. I have noticed that i said i feel happy, appreciate lots of time. But i really do. Compared to people who did not. Hahaha

Have a feeling to travel somewhere far, but havent made up my mind yet. Wanted to go japan the most though, but no money.
OK, Shall save money to go JAPAN!! ~~~

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Posting for the end of sems!!

Now it CNY time...though few more days for it to end.

Project was like a never ending tasked to do.  Everyday, was like project, project and project.
This was like a never ending cycle. Wake up, eat, project, project project and bath, eat, sleep. This is wat i can do for this sem. Although some project i didnt really do much.

But from the pressure from the peers, leader...it can be really stressed sometimes, especially when we are with the smart ones. It just sooo stressed!!!

Nevertheless, it goona be the study week soon. So yeah!! Just endure few more days!!! WOOOO LET'S GO!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

虽然要把人说成‘一位’, 但是在这世上,在人类出现之前,到底有人类在这世上吗?


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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today!! Is the last day of year 2013!!


Let us enjoy our day and awaits the new 2014 to come!!

While my new year days will be very very sian...

Sooooo....3 more hours for year 2013 to go and new 2014 to arrive~~